Friday, June 11, 2010

Slowing Down TV Time

I am getting so tired of TV. During the year, I have a lot of shows that I regularly watch. Very few of them I watch live because most of them Eric doesn't like. So, I normally DVR them and watch them either before Becca wakes up or during her nap in the afternoon. All of my shows I watch during the year have come to an end. Finally! Seems like they've been on for a year ;) Hahahaha. LOL. These are all the shows I watch during the year....

American Idol
Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood
The Office
Top Chef Masters
Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty
Undercover Boss

So, now the summer shows begin. I normally watch "So You Think You Can Dance" but I am so sick of TV that I am not even in the mood to watch that this year. I will watch "Hell's Kitchen" because that's one of the few shows I watch that my husband watches with me, and a new season of "Top Chef" is about to start up that I will watch as well. But that's it! No more! This number of summer shows is significantly smaller than my yearly shows and that is a relief to me. It is important for me to have a few shows I watch "for me" to give me a small escape from reality :) But I am feeling spent. I live in beautiful Virginia...time to turn the TV off and explore my surroundings. What can I fill this time with? I can think of a few ideas....sit outside in the fresh air reading a book, take a nap on the couch, call or write a friend. So, I am not sad that my favorite shows are over for a few months, my mind needs some refreshing and my eyes need to be unglazed! 
So, bloggers, tell me what TV shows do you regularly watch?


  1. About the only show I watch regularly is Glee and Army Wives. I've missed the last 4-5 episodes of Army Wives, so I need to catch up. I use to watch Grey's Anatomy every week, but I haven't even seen the majority of this season. This summer I found a new show that I'm going to watch every week, it's called Losing It With Jillian Michaels.

  2. Yea, I hate this time of year as well. I am a huge reality fan, so my saving grace will be in July when Big Brother makes it's reapperance!

  3. It used to annoy me that there is no good TV on in the summer, only re-runs of old shows but now I am actually glad! Because it means on these still light summer evenings I am going out for walks and getting in a bit of blogging time too and still am able to read a book for a while. I don't watch a lot of TV but find some shows a must see - namely Greys, Private Practice, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Glee, and The Good Wife. I do also like SYTYCD but so far have not watched the latest season and may well not start.

  4. Well I don't have cable right now (we could only afford internet or cable and we picked internet!) but when I do watch tv, it would be any of the shows on TLC, especially What not to Wear!

  5. "Thanks for these resources. I will look into them."

    No problem! :)

  6. We actually shut our cable right off a few months ago. Thought I'd die from withdrawal at first, but it's really great for our family now. Forces us to talk to each other, haha.

    We still get a few free stations and I still watch some shows online every week. I'm not an anti-TV purist by any means (I'm still trying to get over the fact that Lost is over. *sob*). But taking a break is good sometimes. Clear your head out and focus on other things. You'll love it!

  7. Derrick and I love to watch The Office together and used to watch Lost together. I love Smallville and Derrick is less into it as it is going into the 10th season. One area of shows that Derrick and I love are reality shows. For some reason they get us most of the time (with the exception of Survivor which we never watch.) Amazing Race, Biggest Looser, Big Brother, Batchelor/Batchelorette, Undercover Boss, Hells Kitchen, True Beauty, Wipe Out, etc. Other than The Office, Lost (over now), and Smallville for me the others are just a take it or leave it. We are more active in other things in the Summer so that is a good change of pace.

  8. hey hey hey!
    how are you? sorry i have been mia, i was away for my 25th anniversary with my husband and then we had a huge event for my daughters graduation so i've been offline a bit but i'm back... and i have missed a bit of tv too! i love glee! watched it on hulu last night. i am an american idol fan, don't know why but i get sucked in every year and for the last few years i have watched the tutors but next week is the end of that dynasty boo hoo gotta love jrm! big time!! have a great night and holla!
    shelley :)