Monday, July 19, 2010

NY Trip - Day 1 - A Long Drive

Okay, time to rewind and finally tell you about my trip. I will spend the next week filling you in on each day of my today we begin at Day 1. Are you wondering how I did my first time traveling with Max and Becca minus Eric? I would give myself a big, fat F. I failed miserably. The trip started out as one of the worst traveling days in my life.  Failure #1- I had to leave late because I didn't know how to put air in my tires so I waited for Eric to come home to do it.  Failure #2- Eric gave me the easiest route that I couldn't even follow. I left at 7am and 10:30am I realized I was 45 minutes from my house in the opposite direction I started from. Now, imagine one of the worst places to be lost...well I was in the equivalent of wherever you're thinking. I was shaking and nervous and immediately realized I just added 3 1/2 hours to an 8 hour trip. I called Eric in tears who rescued me with a new route and I made it out of there. I stopped for lunch, which took an hour. We sat outside in close to 100 degree weather because I was afraid to leave the dog in the car if we went inside. Fed and walked Max. Becca is beet red and not drinking or eating well, which leads me to think I am not taking care of her well. Failure #3- My poor daughter had to sit confined in her car seat for 5 extra hours because of my mistake. I took a wrong turn which tacked on a lot of extra time. Not to mention all the construction the whole way which took me on two detours, which added even more time. Failure #4- I asked for a simple route, knowing it would take longer, with an energetic two year old. I should've known better and just took the quickest route. This back-road route put me on 40mph roads behind slow trucks and lots of lights...not helping the situation. I cried several times in the car all the while feeling as if steam was coming out of my ears I was so mad at myself for putting us in this situation. Finally I got to my mom's house. It took me 13 hours which normally only takes 8. I was exhausted, but why? All I did was sit in a car all day. But the emotional and mental bruises from beating myself up in my head took its toll. My mom took Becca in her pool and entertained her while I unpacked. My energy was depleted. I was so weak and felt my legs and feet were as heavy as rocks. I had been up since 5am and didn't have nearly enough to eat and drink...I was so concerned about Becca and Max and taking care of them I forgot about myself. My cousin surprised me by stopping over after work. It was so great to see her and visit with her. Definitely the best part of my day. We watched the movie Grease together and just chatted. It meant so much to me that she took the time to come see me. Every time I come into town she tries to see me as much as possible....unlike some people...anyway...I was so glad to get to bed so I can end this stressful day and begin a fresh new one.


  1. Oh boy! I'm glad he saved you and helped you out!

  2. Oh my! That was one very long day, I so hate to get lost when driving and absolutely know that feeling of anger and despair that comes with it! Glad you made it safely in the end and Becca sounds as if she did a really great job dealing with such a long trip. I hope the rest of your vacation went much better.

  3. I am so sorry that the drive stressed you out so badly. Don't beat yourself up sweetie, I'm sure Becca wasn't sitting there thinking.."Is this woman trying to kill me?" This Motherhood thing is not an exact science, we do our best. You did your best. You are awesome for even attempting an 8 hour trip alone with a toddler and a dog. Kudos for that. I remember taking a 12 hour trip with a 1 and 3 year old and another adult and it was equally as nerve wrecking! You did great. Don't be so hard on yourself, you are so obviously an awesome Mommy. I hope the rest of the trip went better:) Big hugs!