Thursday, August 26, 2010

Book Review: What's Right With Me

I just finished reading this book last week. Somewhere in the past couple years my self-esteem has plummeted into the ground and feelings of not being good enough have taken over. So, I saw this book and decided to give it a try to help me focus on my strengths. This book is a great way to do that and it asks you hard questions and forces you to look deep within yourself to find the answers. It is also part journal, so you can physically write down your answers and look back on them. Sometimes when you see how you really feel about something written in front of you on paper, it makes it more real. The questions force you to give yourself credit for things you may not feel are credit-worthy, and that is really important. I think many of us do that...we focus on the things that need work and overlook the hurdles we overcame and the strength it took to jump over those hurdles. After reading this book I do feel a lot better about myself. I realize some of my strengths and I choose to focus on the things that I do well. Maybe those strengths I can incorporate into my weaknesses for some balance. I also unlocked a secret dream of mine. We all have that would come true if all the stars were aligned in the a perfect world....the one we think will never come true...but, hey, I can dream right? That secret dream is to become a writer. I've always loved reading and writing, but I didn't realize just how much I love it. So, I think I may look into strengthening this passion and putting a little more time into the things that I truly love and am good at. This was a good book. It accomplished it's purpose and forced me to be the center of attention for a time. :)

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  1. I probably need to read this book. I focus far to much energy on the things that are wrong with me, my body, personality, etc instead of loving and embracing all of my regardless.