Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Attitude

I said before that I am a Navy wife and stay at home mom. I have another title that is of even more importance than both of those. I am a child of God. A born again believer saved by grace and sacrifice. God is faithful to me and has given me way more chances than I deserve, yet I continue to ask for more. I know God will always be there so I use that as an excuse to live my life according to me.
"I'll read my Bible tomorrow"
"I'll go to church next week"
"I'll pray when I have something important to say"
Laziness has been my biggest stumbling block my entire life. I just simply do not want to put forth the time or effort to do what I need to do.
Well, I've decided to ask the Lord for another chance. To try again. To strengthen my relationship with the Lord in obedience and faithfulness, even when I don't feel like it. It is a daily choice that I need to make. I am choosing to change my attitude and focus on the good in my life instead of the bad. I have been struggling for years with unhappiness, borderline depression. I think much of that is too much focus on circumstances and the things I cannot change. Moving away from family and friends and bitter because I have no one to talk to or hang out with. Nothing to do except sit around at home. I need to choose to make the best of what I am given. Not complain that no one is around. Open myself up and try new things, go places and try to meet new people. I need to live the life I have now instead of wishing for different circumstances. I need to accept the way things are. Live the life I have, not the life I'm wishing for. I think I have been focused on the wrong things and searching for answers in the wrong places. God is the answer. I knew it all along, He's always the answer, He's the Only answer. But, I wanted to find another way myself. I hold no power though, so I don't know why I would look to myself.
Why the desire to change my attitude? My daughter. She is my inspiration to be the best I can be. I am her example, her teacher, her guide. She learns by hearing and watching ME.
My priorities need to be put back in place.
Bottom line: Trust God for my needs; He already knows what they are.


  1. Laziness is definitely a struggle for me too! Thank you for posting this! Glad to know im not alone!!

  2. Isn't it great that no matter how much we push God aside, he'll still be there in the end? I know that is no excuse to let him slip to the background, but it is such a blessing to know that He won't ever let go.