Thursday, May 26, 2011

Poem I wrote

When I feel I need some space, I take a walk outside,
I seek peace, I breathe at ease and look up to the sky.
I feel the air brush through my hair and tickle the top of my skin,
I close my eyes and think of God, hoping to connect with Him.

I begin to feel that He is there, 
Reminding me that He still cares.
The truth is that He never left, it's me that pushes Him away.
Why I fight Him, I don't know,
Living my way, I'll never grow.
Without Him present in my life, I'll never find my way.

Eyes still closed, I feel the sun's warm rays upon my face,
It's God's way of embracing me and restoring my faith.

He gives me the peace I struggle to find behind my home's four walls,
These walls are closing in on me and I struggle to breathe.
I need to find an escape from this place,
To feel free and to be me.
I feel constrained and confined,
Release me from this cage.
These chains of life have bound me,
And at moments I feel enraged.
I cry, "where are you God? Oh please help me."
He replies, "I'm right here, no need to fear, I've heard your plea."
I sit in His presence saying nothing at all,
He reads my soul and answers its call.
He comforts me, knowing exactly what I need.
I can finally rest, I can finally breathe.
In His presence, He digs deep through the layers, uncovering the hidden real me.
I feel my chest open up, my back feels lighter,
He lifted my burden my outlook is brighter.

Thank you, God for rescuing me and renewing and restoring me once again.

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